Sunday, May 20

Cheap DIY Wreath

For those of you who don't know, I am a full time stay at home Military Wife. My entire life is making our home look pretty. This particular DIY was not inspired from just one single Pinterest pin, but from many. My idea is completely un-original, un-unique, and un-exciting. What is extremely exciting, is how cheap I was able to make my version of this wreath. Lets just say, under $5 cheap. Wow, right?

My version of this popular wreath may not be as elaborate as some that you may have seen floating about. But, I really enjoy the simplicity of my wreath. I could have added numbers, letters, colored flowers, etc. But I like to keep it simple. Especially on my front door. Whats is just as exciting about this as the price, is how simple it is to throw together. I personally did not read any of my inspiration pins on how to do it. I just bought a wreath, bought some flowers, and stuck it together. This is how I did it. I'm sure I did something wrong, but if it stays together I'll be satisfied.

First off lets talk about where I got my materials. The wreath I purchased pre-made from Hobby Lobby. The price tag was $3.99, but if you're a Hobby Lobby shopper, you know that there is always a 40% off printable coupon. This made the wreath $2.53. Instead of purchasing expensive faux flowers, I chose to shop at Dollar Tree, and spend $2.06 on 2 bunches of flowers. Total price $4.65!

To put it all together, I just cut each of the flowers off of the stem at the very bottom. This left at least 4 inches on the stem. I just stuck the stems down into the wreath, and arranged the flowers where I wanted them to be placed at. Once all of the flowers were in, and all of these stems are sticking out the bottom, I simply twisted 2 stems together (they are soft wire, so twisted together easily.) and then tucked the ends into the wreath. This wouldn't be able to be done with any other type of wreath, which is why I chose the wooden one. Here is a photo of how it looks on my front door.

I am extremely happy with the way it looks, and even more happy with the price of it. I hope everyone can take an inspiration, and get their creative juices flowing on how to create that item for less!

Monday, May 14

Homemade Garden Scrub

Y'all may have seen many "recipes", or I suppose "tutorials" would be a better word for what I'm describing here; for home made sugar scrubs. I have a little quarrel with most of these sugar scrub recipes that I've seen lately. I believe (and I could totally be wrong. Correct me if I'm wrong here!) that these sugar scrubs are more or less for exfoliation, and to moisturize the hands, rather than literally getting them clean. I personally have really soft skin. I don't know what, why, when or how? But my skin is soft. I generally don't go into Bath & Body Works to buy an exfoliating scrub just to soften my skin. If I'm using an abrasive sugar or salt scrub, its to get massive amounts of dirt off of my hands. Most of the common recipes these days are calling for jojoba or olive oil, lotion, and sugar/salt. To me, it seems redundant to have to wash your hands with soap first to get them germ free, and then have to use the sugar scrub to get them soft and silky. I came up with a do-it-all scrub that will solve the issue of exfoliation, moisture, anti-bacterial, AND dirt, grease and grime.

I'm calling it my Garden Scrub. I decided to call it a "garden" scrub, because it REALLY comes in handy for all of you gardeners that love to get your hands muddy. This scrub is so easy to make, its almost silly that I haven't stumbled upon a recipe for it yet, although I'm sure someone else has thought of this as well! Instead of using oils or lotions, I chose to go with Dawn Dish Detergent with Olay Hand Renewal. This Dawn is not only anti-bacterial, it is also infused with Olay lotion, and leaves your hands feeling like a million bucks. Add a little sugar with it to make it an exfoliant and your hands will be in heaven. I chose to package them in mason jars because they're air tight and will last a little longer than in other types of containers. I tried putting it in a soap pump to keep it in my main bathroom, but it just wouldn't come out. Assuming it was from the grain in the salt, but I could have used a defective soap pump. The world will never know!

You Will Need:
Equal parts White Sugar
Equal parts Dawn with Olay Hand Renewal
Small Mason Jar

I chose to clean out and dry each of my Mason jars, only because we're going for cleanliness, and its a little silly to put a clean product in a dirty dish! Then, I poured in half white sugar, and half Dawn. Stirred it all together until it was a light pink, and grainy consistency, and screwed on the lid. Its literally that easy. Not only is this scrub easy, it is OUTRAGEOUSLY cheap. Let me break it down.

Pack of 4 oz Mason Jars (12) = $7
Box of White Sugar = $2
Dawn with Olay = $4

Total = $13 Divided between 12 jars = About $1.08 each.

I gave these to every woman I know for Mothers Day, and the reaction I got from it was pretty incredible. I got very great reviews on how even after playing in the mud with the kids, the dirt came right off, and left their hands feeling silky and smooth, instead of dry and cracking from having to scrub the nast off. You can dry your hands out by washing them over and over, and then try to replenish the moisture with a sugar scrub, or you can do it all in one step!

Sunday, May 13

DIY Cell Phone Charging Station

I think of all of the fun crafts I've done in my life, this has got to be one of my favorite. Not only because its adorable, it solves a problem, {in my mind!} and is REALLY easy to make; but this particular craft I made with my amazing husband! We decided to make these DIY Cell Phone Charging Stations for our mothers for Mothers Day this year. He and I have never crafted together, and let me tell you. Of all the things that are enjoyable to do with the person that you love, sharing a moment together doing your favorite hobby is indescribable. Now I know how he feels when I go shooting, and to Cabelas with him!

Now, I might be a pretty darn crafty person, but I am NOT crafty enough to have thought of this idea on my own. I got the idea from Pinterest {of course!} from Make It & Love It. Her instructions were very well detailed, and I had no trouble at all doing this. The only thing that I did differently from her is that I covered the front part as well, where she left hers white.

Since I really wasn't confident about this craft turning out exactly the way I wanted to, I didn't take any photos as I went along. Oops! Heres a text tutorial of the way I made this cell phone holder!

This holder is made out of a lotion bottle! I found that the brand of lotion that fit my iPhone the best was St. Ives, because it is square in shape instead of rounded.

Start out by using those muscles to squeeze out all of the lotion that you can. Then using hot water, rinse out all of the excess. Place it on a towel upside down to allow it to dry. I let mine dry overnight. This is very important, since the Modge Podge will not stick to a wet surface.

Hold your phone up to the lotion bottle, and using a pen/pencil, draw a line across it where it would comfortably fit inside, yet still sticking out just a bit.

The hard part is cutting it out. I used a knife and stabbed in the center of the bottle, carefully!, and then poked my scissors down in to continue cutting. Cut just along the front to make the front pocket, and then cut around the outside edge, just below the opening of the lotion.

Once you have the basic shape cut out, then cut a small hole (I made my square shaped since Apple chargers are square in shape as well) in the center of the back panel for the charger. Again, I stabbed it carefully with a knife and then poked my scissors down in.

Once your general shape is fully cut out, if your edges are extremely rough, you can take a peice of sandpaper and hand sand it down to smooth it out. Now the fun part begins!

I used a cheap, leftover peice of fabric scrap that I had laying around the house. As long as the fabric can wrap around the bottle, you're good to go.

Slap on a little bit of Modge Podge to the bottle, and wrap the fabric around the bottle, covering it. Once the fabric is in place, apply another layer of Modge Podge on top. Let dry completely, which took about an hour or so, and apply another layer of Modge Podge.

Now, let dry overnight to ensure that it is 100% dried. Your fabric will be rock hard, and easy to cut. Cut around the shape of the bottle to even everything up. At this point I added just one last layer of Modge Podge, just to ensure the edges of the fabric wouldn't fray later.

All done! I really wish I would have taken photos of my craft as I was going, but it was my very first time using Modge Podge, and I was so unsure about how it would turn out. I hope everyone else who has a problem with phone charging cords all over counters, dressers and tables will try this super easy DIY. I absolutely love mine, and our mothers were shocked that such an adorable gift was made at home.

Wednesday, May 2

Banana & Nutella Ice Cream

You know how you find a recipe {whether online or in a cookbook} that you literally just cannot physically stand to wait to try? Today, I found that recipe. I found this recipe on Pinterest {HERE}. This recipe is a simple "healthy" recipe for homemade ice cream. No ice cream maker needed!

Now, if you click the link above, you'll see that her instructions are a little vague. Because of this, I vaguely just threw some ingredients into my Ninja blender. I really don't have a specific recipe either. I followed her instructions at first. She says 6 bananas to 1 cup Nutella. I cut the Yield down to 2 bananas & 1/3 cup Nutella. I found that this portion was extremely banana-y (I don't like bananas more than Nutella!) and was very, very runny. Being runny may be a requirement for it to set up correctly.. I'll know in about 22 hours once it is fully frozen.. She also threw in there that you could add cinnamon and cocoa powder. Of course I chose to do this! Now really, I just kind of eye-balled the measurements, but here is a general idea of what I threw in my Ninja.

2 Bananas
1 Cup Nutella
1 Tablespoon Cocoa Powder
1 Teaspoon Cinnamon

Literally the only "steps" to doing this, is to throw it all in and blend until smooth. Then stick it in your freezer overnight, or until completely set up. How much easier could it possibly be?!

What I decided to do was make this the night before, and serve it the next morning for breakfast! Sadly, my husband and I ate the entire bowl before I was able to snap a photo of it. Oops! Lets just say that this recipe was fantastic enough that I didn't even have time to photograph the end result before it was completely gone. I WILL be making this recipe again, and hopefully I'll remember take 2 seconds to snap a picture before I devour the entire bowl. Great job to the Rumkihn website for this super easy and awesome recipe. My next adventure in frozen banana "ice cream" recipes is going to be to trying to freeze the bananas first, (I believe it will make it easier to blend) then blend to smooth in the Ninja, and try other exciting flavors like fresh strawberries. Wee!

For a printable version of this recipe; {Click HERE!}